Remote Work

Remote work is new. Remote work is independence. It is working together from far-flung locations via the internet. Our team is 100% remote. Our office is not a physical place, it is a shared set of goals and ideals that come to life in the virtual space that is

Most of our team members have never seen each other. Some have met in person, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Each of us may be working in a beach-side hut in Bali, an office in Berlin, or a kitchen table in Amsterdam – physically far from each other but creatively side-by-side.

Why do we work this way?

It began in the beautiful and ancient country, India. We love this place and thought we might establish an office here. The challenge: While people like to come to India, they also go like to move on, returning home or continuing their travels. A stable international team can not built under the Southern Indian sun.

When life gives you lemons, they say, make lemonade. Instead of lamenting the free-spirited nature of our people, use it to its greatest advantage. In the moment we understood this, the fundamental characteristic of was born. We are going 100% remote.

This working method has proven to be one of the basic underpinnings of our organization. Let people do whatever they want, wherever they want. Some want to travel, some want to surf, some work with us in tandem with other projects, some want to take care of their children.

So we are pleased to work with the best, spread all over our beautiful planet Earth.

Whoever works with us can work from wherever they want, in whatever way suits them best. The only things required: Talent, a stable internet connection and - above all - a positive attitude.